Lindberg Waterproofing installs various waterproofing systems to prevent the infiltration of water into our clients’ buildings. We provide waterproofing and Air/Vapor Barrier services for new commercial construction, schools, government projects, and more. Projects are approached in a manner to provide the owner with a cost-efficient, high-quality waterproofing and air barrier system while maintaining a safe work environment.

Foundation Waterproofing
Blindside Waterproofing
Green Roof Waterproofing
Split Slab Waterproofing
Plaza Deck Waterproofing with Pavers
Air & Vapor Barrier

Our Crew

Our crew is made up of dedicated union members that have worked with us for years. They pride themselves on pursuing continuing education opportunities, are knowledgeable about new products, and stay up to date with the latest waterproofing technology.

We install Waterproofing and Air Barrier material manufactured by: